What Is the Meaning of a Preliminary Hearing?

Answer A preliminary hearing involves the judge, defendant, defense attorney, prosecuting attorney and witnesses. The preliminary hearing allows the judge to determine whether the prosecution has enough p... Read More »

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What Is a preliminary real estate contract?

A preliminary real estate contract will consist of the buyer's initial offer. This is a common practice used to negotiate the price of a real property, such as a house or commercial land. Besides t... Read More »

What Is a Preliminary Annotated Reference List?

A preliminary annotated reference list is more commonly called an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography has two purposes: it provides a reference for you when writing a paper, and it sh... Read More »

What is the preliminary examination for doctoral students?

Many doctoral candidates must undergo a preliminary examination before commencing their research. The examination tests the candidate to make sure he has sufficient knowledge and skills to undertak... Read More »

What are the duties of a preliminary investigator at a crime scene?

A preliminary investigation is the first investigation made by law enforcement officials into the nature of a possible crime. The investigator in charge of such a task has a number of responsibilit... Read More »