What does"without prejudice"mean?

Answer Without prejudice is a legal term indicating that an act is occurring, or an act has been verbally proposed, without abandoning a right, privilege, or claim, as well as not admitting guilt or liabi... Read More »

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What does Voluntary dismissal without prejudice of termination of parental rights?

No.They can not. Only people who know then can put them for adoption.

What Are the Emotional and Psychological Consequences of Prejudice?

Everyone is different in some way, so everyone has likely experienced prejudice in her life. Whether it is race, gender, sexual orientation or some other variety, prejudice hurts. It has some sev... Read More »

What is the social class in pride and prejudice?

It might be called upper middle class, but that does not really convey the class all that well.The characters in Pride and Prejudice are all from a closely related set of classes, including land ow... Read More »

What are the concequences of prejudice and discrimnation in child care?

The FDA lists Vicodin (hydrocodone) under "Pregnancy category C," and tells us, "This medication may be harmful to an unborn baby, and could cause addiction or withdrawal symptoms in a newborn."As ... Read More »