What does prego mean?

Answer Prego is an Italian word that has several different connotations. The meanings include: "don't mention it," "you're welcome," "not at all," "after you" and "please sit down." It is considered both ... Read More »

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What does"prego"mean in Italian?

The word "prego" in Italian is a catchall phrase not always translated literally, as it can be translated a few different ways. It has been said to mean "please," "pray," "thank you" and "you're we... Read More »

What is a good camcorder for me! Im prego!?

Any camcorder in that price range will work for you, but they probably won't take very good still photos. Most camcorders are only capable of taking 3-4mp photos. Some newer camcorders can take 6... Read More »

What sauce is better prego or ragu?

Prego is better, but I feel that making your own is a whole lot better and not hard at all. You can find great recipes for all types of sauces on

Im trying to get prego but my peorids are like 2 a year now cuz of depo what can i do to get pregnant?

Unfortunately hun waiting is all that you can do unless you want to go back on birth control to regulate your periods. Try the mini-pill as this gives a 7 day break where you should get your perio... Read More »