During the first trimester of pregnancy can you feel the baby and if so what does it feel like?

Answer Answer Most likely you will not feel the baby move until the 2nd trimester. If you felt the baby move in the first trimester, it would be in the 3rd month and you would feel a little tickle or flut... Read More »

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What does frequent urination in pregnancy feel like?

What does the cervix feel like in early pregnancy?

Hey there dear. I am pregnant and I did check my cervix at about 12 dpo and I'll tell you what it feels like and everything.At ovulation your cervix will rise and after ovulation your cervix will ... Read More »

What does the uterus feel like internally during pregnancy?

Is it possible to feel nausea from pregnancy only five days after ovulation?

Answer I am going threw the same thing cramps and nausia .. I get a blood test tomorrow it is only 6 days after ovulation---YES!