What does prairie mean?

Answer A prairie means a temperate grassland found in North America. The plant ecosystems of prairies are dominated by grasses and non-woody plants known as forbs. Prairies may be wet, dry or mesic. Prair... Read More »

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Does the daylily Prairie Wildfire like sun or shade?

Prairie Wildfire daylily does best in full sun exposure. This daylily will tolerate light shade in the afternoon. Plant Prairie Wildfire daylilies in an area with at least six hours of full sun eac... Read More »

What is a prairie?

I don't know, but this girl named Laura built a little house on it.

What is the scientific name for a prairie dog?

The scientific name for a prairie dog is Cynomys. The most common prairie dog, the black-tailed prairie dog, is known as Cynomys ludovicianus. This name identifies the family and species of the pra... Read More »

What is the food chain for the prairie dog?

Prairie dogs live in the grasslands, where they dig deep burrows for safety and breeding. They are social animals with complex groups and populations.HabitatPrairie dogs live in a relatively dry ar... Read More »