Practical Uses for Scanners?

Answer Computer scanners use a light source to bounce light off of a subject and then convert the reflection of the image into a computer file. Scanners are available in two main types: flatbed and sheet-... Read More »

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Practical First Aid Training?

The British Red Cross and other health and employment organizations throughout the United Kingdom offer practical first-aid training. Practical first-aid training courses instruct persons on how to... Read More »

The Practical Uses of Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a gas and is the lightest element with the atomic number 1 in the periodic table of elements. Hydrogen is quite flammable. This characteristic of hydrogen makes it quite dangerous to us... Read More »

What do practical nurses do?

Practical nurses provide professional medical care to those who are hospitalized, visiting the doctor for an annual check up, or living in a nursing home. Practical nurses work directly under regis... Read More »

How to Study for a Microbiology Lab Practical?

Microbiology is the study of microorganisms, their physical properties and how they can affect other organisms. Laboratory experiments are crucial to learning about and understanding microbiology. ... Read More »