What does post-racial mean?

Answer The term "post-racial" generally refers to a period of time in American history in which race is no longer a significant issue. Specifically, it refers to the success experienced by U.S. President ... Read More »

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How to Prevent Racial Segregation?

The Constitution of the United States is supposed to provide equal rights to all Americans. However, in reality, racial segregation can and does occur, placing individuals at a disadvantage. Racial... Read More »

5 Stages of Racial Identity?

In a 1992 article in the "Harvard Educational Review," Mount Holyoke College Professor Beverly Daniel Tatum identified five stages that people of color go through to establish a sense of racial ide... Read More »

How to Deal With Someone Who Calls You a Racial Name?

Being called a racial slur can be a painful experience. You may feel anger, sadness, and a host of other negative feelings. Here's how to handle it appropriately.

How to Prove Racial Discrimination?

Short of catching a manager on tape saying something like, "I don't care how qualified he is. No way I'm promoting a ________. Got to go, I have a _________ meeting in half an hour." It's hard to p... Read More »