What does point mean in font?

Answer Points are a measurement of font size. Points can be confusing, just like any other unit of measurement with which you are not familiar, until you understand how they work.MeasurementPoints are par... Read More »

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What is a font point?

A font point is actually a measurement of a font size. The general rule is that 1 point equals approximately 1/72 of an inch. Point measures the height of a font, while the pitch deals with the wid... Read More »

How do i change the point size of font saved in adobe 7.0?

Launch Adobe PhotoshopLaunch Adobe Photoshop and go to "File" > "New" to create a new canvas. Click "OK." Alternatively go to "File" > "Open" to open an existing Photoshop file.Create TypePress "T"... Read More »

How do I Change the Default Font Point Size in Adobe 7.0 Standard?

Adobe Acrobat's portable document format (PDF) allows users to view non-native documents the way they were intended, even if they were originally in multiple file formats, by converting them to PDF... Read More »

Somehow I accidentally changed the font on, so now the font is very small letters.?

Press Ctrl+0 to go back to normal size.Ctrl + to zoom inCtrl - to zoom out