What does"pan"mean in Italian?

Answer In Italian, the word “pan” means bread and is short for the word “pane.” It is often used to describe a particular type of bread, like the regional pan di Spagna or pan di zenzero, or ginge... Read More »

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What does renaissance mean in Italian?

Renaissance means "rebirth" in Italian. French historian Jules Michelet was the first to use the word to describe the cultural rebirth that swept Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries, accordin... Read More »

What does tiramisu mean in Italian?

The Italian word "tiramisu" literally means "pull me up" in English. It is the name of an Italian dessert made of ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese, espresso, sugar, cocoa and sometimes a liquor, such... Read More »

What does cappuccino mean in Italian?

The word cappuccino comes from the the Italian word cappucio meaning "hood" with the ending of -ino, a diminutive. Therefore, cappuccino translates to "little hood." Because of the hoods worn by a... Read More »

What does"prego"mean in Italian?

The word "prego" in Italian is a catchall phrase not always translated literally, as it can be translated a few different ways. It has been said to mean "please," "pray," "thank you" and "you're we... Read More »