What is Poco dot?

Answer Hello, Pocodot is a fake website, spam, scam, Nothing you really should be involved in.Pocodot is much like facebook. The people from Pocodot are spamming popular videos on youtube. Pocodot is tryi... Read More »

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When a recipe lists "Italian Seasoning Mix," is that the same as Italian Salad Dressing Mix?

At its most basic, Italian season consists of bay leaf, oregano, basil.In a MIX, the bay leaf is going to be left out (you're not supposed to actually EAT the bay leaf).Other things are often added... Read More »

How to Speak Italian Without Saying a Word Italian Hand Gestures?

Italians are known for talking with their hands. Italians use body language and hand gestures to punctuate an expression and give it a detail the word alone lacks. Foreigners often have trouble mak... Read More »

How can an Italian lives abroad without the real italian cooking?

I was not missing the italian cooking very much 'cause i like a lot to eat the gravy with beans and sausages with mash potatoes and all sorts of pies, mostly i was missing the italian coffes and th... Read More »

How to Be Italian?

Are you Italian, but feel you're becoming too American? Are you not Italian, but love the culture? Are you moving to/visiting Italy, and want to milk it for its worth? Keep reading! This article is... Read More »