What does "Plead the Fif" mean?

Answer it refers to the Fifith ammendment of the constitution which basically states that you do not have to testify if you are going to incriminate yourself. example: if you were called to testify in you... Read More »

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What does it mean to plead admitted?

A plea of admitted in a criminal case is essentially the same as pleading guilty to the criminal charge. Most often a plea of admitted is used during a probation violation hearing where the defend... Read More »

What does it mean to plead not guilty?

A plea of "not guilty" in a U.S. courtroom means that the defendant is saying he is not guilty--or not responsible--for the crime he is charged with committing. It does not mean "innocent"; if foun... Read More »

How to Plead Against a Ban on RuneScape?

If you've ever been banned on RuneScape, you probably did something to deserve it. However, if you believe your ban was unfair, you will have to plead your case with Jagex. If you want to find out ... Read More »

How to Plead Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy laws give consumers a fresh start when they can no longer pay what they owe. Pleading bankruptcy is an option when all other attempts at making minimum payments to creditors have failed.... Read More »