What does 'play the gooseberry' mean?

Answer To behave in as cunning, crafty or devious manner as the wily gooseberry.

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What does triple play mean?

A triple play is an unusual defensive play in baseball in which three outs are made in continuous action. An example would be runners on first and second with no outs and a ground ball is hit to t... Read More »

What does cooperative play mean?

It is when children plan an activity, assign roles for each other and play together, it would be goal-oriented and done in an organized way toward a common end. It is considered social play becaus... Read More »

What does"pure play owner"mean?

Pure play companies are those focusing on a single line of products or services rather than branching out horizontally into multiple business horizons. A pure play owner is the individual, or the g... Read More »

What does it mean to play golf Chicago-style?

Playing golf Chicago-style means to cheat at the game. Common cheating tactics include moving the ball to a better position and recording a lower score on a hole. Playing any game Chicago-style mea... Read More »