Whipped Shea Butter Vs. Whipped Coconut Oil?

Answer Shea butter and coconut oil have both been used for centuries around the world to soothe and treat myriad skin conditions. Both are harvested from organic sources. They possess many of the same qua... Read More »

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Whipped vs. Non-Whipped Egg Whites for a Cake?

Eggs serve an important function in baking cakes. They leaven the cake and they bind other ingredients together. Eggs also add texture, flavor and color to a cake. Whipping or beating eggs provides... Read More »

Where can you buy pistol grips for a Kimel Model 5000 pistol?

The Kimel firearms company is out of business, so your best bet is online. Either or try Numrich Arms.

Do you need a pistol permit for a flintlock pistol in FL?

Please define "permit". Do you mean to own, or to carry concealed? Good questions give good answers.

How to Make Whipped Candles?

Whipped wax has the creamy look of meringue because, just like egg white meringue, it is whipped and aerated to a light and frothy texture. When applied to a base candle, whipped wax looks like sno... Read More »