What does piping distinguish on clergy robes?

Answer Piping on clergy robes holds academic rather than religious symbolism. Traditionally, piping is a colored cord along the velvet edge, which represents the area of study. Since velvet is only used... Read More »

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What does piping mean on clergy robes?

Piping is a cord covered with fabric inserted into a seam and used as an edge finish. On clergy robes, it is applied to the lapels and cuffs as decorative or symbolic trim. This distinctive piping ... Read More »

What is the meaning of the piping on clergy robes?

Piping on clergy robes can mean many different things. The color of the piping on a Roman Catholic clergyman's black cassock signifies his ecclesiastic rank. Piping on Protestant ministers' robes m... Read More »

I received a black robes What does it mean?

Either you meant to say Black Rose...hence garden and landscape.Or you meant to say black robes...You might go to religion and spirituality. Or you are trolling, so fix the question if it is an hon... Read More »

What does choir robes symbolize in Lord of the Flies?

The choir robes had crosses on them, implying that they were Catholic/Christian. The author uses this to show irony, as the choir members become the hunters and eventually kill some of their own p... Read More »