What does the idiom 'in the pink' mean?

Answer In the pink: in excellent health physically and emotionally

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What does a pink jelly bracelet mean?

According to award-winning Denver culture blogger Michael Roberts, in the infamous teen sex Game "Snap," a snapped pink jelly bracelet requires the owner of the snapped bracelet to flash their brea... Read More »

What does three pink roses mean?

Pink roses symbolize feelings of friendship, but the shade can alter it slightly to admiration, sympathy, or gratitude. Still, all pink roses express feelings of friendship and platonic love. Three... Read More »

What Does it Mean to Use Pink Perm Rods?

To "use pink perm rods" is a styling term that regards the use of a particular color curling rod (pink), in order to achieve a specific curl type (loose). This applies specifically to curly perms. ... Read More »

What does a pink battery mean on the iphone 4?

It's free when you go in the store ( as so I saw on the website ) but they said its like 50$ a month .