What is a physiological adaptation of a crocodile?

Answer Crocodiles, the world's largest reptiles, have been around for 240 million years. During that time, they have developed many adaptations that enable them to live in their watery homes.SkinCrocodile... Read More »

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What are the treatments for physiological jaundice?

Physiological jaundice occurs in newborn babies 3 to 5 days after they have been born. It occurs because they have immature livers that cannot process bilirubin produced as a result of red blood ce... Read More »

What physiological harm is caused by high cholesterol?

High cholesterol levels can wreak havoc on many aspects of your personal health. These effects don't take place overnight. It takes years of bad health practices to produce the significant, negativ... Read More »

Physiological Benefits of Smiling?

Smiling, laughing and generally adopting a positive attitude seem, anecdotally, to make people feel better. The exact physiological effects of smiling, however, are less clear. There is some eviden... Read More »

Physiological Effects of Submersion in Water?

People are drawn to water. For many, being immersed in water is relaxing, playful or energizing. In fact, human beings are so well-adapted for movement in the water that it was briefly theorized th... Read More »