What does phycosocial bully mean?

Answer That simpley means that you punch or hurt some one

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What does phycosocial mean?

The term psychosocial refers to one in psychological development in and interaction with a social environment. The individual is not necessarily fully aware of this relationship with his or her env... Read More »

Is the person bully the bully on the internet will go to jail?

Nope. If a bully is bullying you on the the internet, he/she will not go to jail. UNLESS, threats are involved.

How to Stop a Mean Girl Bully?

There are many types of bullies. This article is how to deal with Mean Girl bullies. If you have seen the movie 'Mean Girls’, you will probably know what they are. Mean Girl bullies are prissy, d... Read More »

How should you handle a mean bully?

You need to go to a trusted adult and tell them about the mean bully. Do not try to take care of them yourself.