What does photography mean in greek?

Answer Photography is originally a greek word so it has the same meaning in greek. it consists of two words put together. "photo" which derives from "phos" and it means "light" in english, and graphy,whi... Read More »

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Is 'photography' a Greek word?

No, 'photography' isn't an actual Greek word. Instead, it's an English language word that's formed by combining two Greek language words. Specifically, the noun 'phos' ['φῶς'] means 'light'. Th... Read More »

Define photography from the original Greek?

photography photo-graphy (φωτογραφία)photo (φώς) :lightgraphy (γράφημα) : drawinga drawing made from light

How did greek art&architecture reflect greek ideas?

Ancient Greece left behind an important body of ideological and scientific thought, as well as many works of art and architecture. From Rome to the Renaissance, the impact of Greek art and ideology... Read More »

Rights of Greek Men vs. Greek Women?

The lives of women differed greatly from the lives of men in ancient Greece. A highly civilized and advanced society in many ways, ancient Greek culture was also very patriarchal in structure. Men ... Read More »