What does phishing mean?

Answer Well as an experienced ex-phisher, I know exactly what phishing is. The common definition of phishing used worldwide is basically a "hacker" illegally attempting to lure you in to giving him/her an... Read More »

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What does a phishing filter do?

The practice of phishing is used to deceive Internet users into providing their personal information like passwords, name, address, financial information and Social Security numbers to criminals.Pr... Read More »

Does the Microsoft phishing filter slow down computer speed?

The Microsoft phising filter does slow down computer speed when evaluating a web page. This slow down usually occurs when a web page contains many frames, or you browse too many frames in a short p... Read More »

What is phishing ?

Phishing is a term used when a website portrays itself as another in order to gain access to your account.For example, you get a link to a website that asks for your login details for... Yahoo. Wh... Read More »

What is a phishing filter on my PC?

A phishing filter is a tool that helps a computer user avoid online fraud and scams when you browse the Internet. calls its version a Smart Screen filter, used with Internet Explorer,... Read More »