What Are the Principle Philosophical Issues?

Answer The specific issues of philosophy are constantly evolving. As human knowledge progresses in fields such as biology and psychology, new questions and issues in philosophy are raised. Virtually all n... Read More »

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What are some of the philosophical issues in Christianity?

Just briefly I will list a few of the historical issues within Christian philosophy.First there would be the philosophical issue of theism in general: Namely, the existence of God. Philosophical re... Read More »

How to Answer a Philosophical Question?

According to Aristotle, human beings are questioning animals. We are motivated by the desire to know and to understand. Philosophy, in the western tradition, evolved from earlier religious views of... Read More »

How to Understand Philosophical Determinism?

Do we have free will, or are our actions determined? This is one of the classic questions in philosophy. Deep thinkers have been arguing both sides of this issue for thousands of years. Most people... Read More »

Shakespeare Studies in Philosophical Ideas?

William Shakespeare wrote 37 plays in his lifetime. These plays continue to impress upon readers the timeless questions about what it means to be a human being. Diving into the philosophical nature... Read More »