How to Study Paranormal Phenomena?

Answer Have you ever wanted to be an expert on the things that go bump in the night? Have you always had an unnatural fascination with dark creepy places that led to awkward questions? Yes! Well, you migh... Read More »

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How to Record Electronic Voice Phenomena?

Recording Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) involves recording voices or sounds not able to be heard by human ears[1]. Here's a guide on how to accomplish a recording.

How to Stop Fearing Ghosts and Paranormal Phenomena?

We've all been afraid of the so called monster under our bed, but we grow out of it, don't we? If you're having trouble with fear of the dark or paranormal and you wish to overcome that fear, this ... Read More »

Aside from Remote Viewing and the Philadelphia Experiment in teleportation has the US military tried any other experimentation with paranormal phenomena?

AnswerI suspect that anyone that might know the answer to this question is still under obligation to maintain confidentiality.________________________Ah, time to break the silence I suppose, lol.Th... Read More »