What does pesticide kill?

Answer Insects, bugs, little animals, plants, spiders and other arachnids, birds, rodents, fungi, bacteria, etc.

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How to Kill Cockroaches or Ants Without Pesticide?

If you have young children at home, most likely you have crumbs lurking in corners, that draw pests into your home. This method of pest control does not use pesticides or sprays. Creating bug balls... Read More »

What is a natural pesticide to kill slugs and snails without harming plants?

Wood ash is not a good thing to put in your garden. Wood ash is highly alkaline. Small amounts can raise the pH level very quickly and you will have to work twice as hard to bring the pH level back... Read More »

What is a pesticide treadmill?

The term "pesticide treadmill" relates to the resistance of pests to the effects of certain pesticides. As more pesticides are used, pests have evolved to withstand certain chemicals. This resista... Read More »

Crossbow pesticide?

Did you bother to read the label at all? Crossbow is not labeled for use near wetlands. To quote the specimen label:"This product is toxic to fish. Drift or ... Read More »