What does perl 925 mean on jewelry?

Answer The "925" insignia that is often stamped on jewelry is a reference that can be used to determine if the object is sterling silver. The "925" stamp indicates that the jewelry object is an alloy made... Read More »

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What does dwt mean in jewelry?

In precious metal and jewelry terms, "dwt" is the abbreviation for a pennyweight, which equals .05 troy oz. or 1.555174 g. The term is based on the weight of an ancient coin and comes from the Troy... Read More »

What does hge on jewelry mean?

HGE, when stamped on jewelry, stands for "Heavy Gold Electroplate." According to the Federal Trade Commission, in order to qualify as heavy gold electroplate, a jewelry piece must have at least 10k... Read More »

What does 585 on jewelry mean?

The mark 585 on jewelry indicates the percentage of gold content. It is equivalent to 14K gold. Jewelry originating in Asia or Europe may have this mark, but it is not as common as the 14K mark. So... Read More »

What does 925 on jewelry mean?

When a piece of jewelry is engraved with the numbers 925, it is what is known as "925 silver," meaning that it is 92.5 percent silver and is considered sterling. The remaining 7.5 percent is an all... Read More »