What does it mean to be 60 percent effaced?

Answer Answerit mean that person not in the stage of disease which shows symptoms but he has organisms in body which cause disease. if the number of microorganism is increased 40 percent, it shows symptom... Read More »

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What does 30 percent precipitation mean?

According to the Weather Prediction, the percentage of precipitation represents the chance that a given area will receive measurable precipitation at a given time. Thus, an area with a forecast of ... Read More »

What does percent per annum mean?

"Percent per annum" means "a percentage growth or loss for each year." It is a phrase used frequently in financial documents and journalism. An example of usage is "the market grew by 5 percent per... Read More »

What does 100 percent of full scale mean?

If you scale something at 100 percent, that means it is full size. Changing the percentage changes the size of the output; for example, if something is scaled at 50 percent, your computer image or ... Read More »

What does this mean in a 2 yr and 8 mth old boy wbc 12.7 rbc 4.53 hgb 11.5 hct 33.6 mcv 74.2 mch 25.4 mchc 34.3 plt 348 ly 1.5 ly percent 11.5?

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