What does pennies on the dollar mean?

Answer "Pennies on the dollar" is an idiom that refers to being able to pay less for an item than it originally cost, or being required to pay back less than the original loan amount. For example, "I boug... Read More »

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What does placing pennies mean?

The phrase "placing pennies" is a reference to the tradition in some cultures, including some African groups, of placing pennies on the eyes of the deceased. This tradition expanded to placing penn... Read More »

What does the eye on the dollar bill mean?

The eye depicted on the reverse of American banknotes is known as the "All-seeing Eye." According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury, this is meant to symbolize the importance of divine guidan... Read More »

What does the triangle mean in the U.S. dollar?

The uncapped pyramid structure on the U.S. dollar refers to the unfinished nature of the country at the time, and the "eye" represents a "divine presence," according to the National Institute of En... Read More »

What Does the Series Mean on a Dollar Bill?

The series on a dollar bill denotes the year a new Secretary of the Treasury takes office or there is a change in the design of the currency. If a new U.S. Treasurer takes office, a letter is added... Read More »