What depth of armour will a rocket propelled grenade mark 17 penetrate?

Answer The most spectacular rescues where when South Vietnamese military airmen flew their families out to sea and tried to land on USN Aircraft Carriers. USN Aircraft Carrier Commanders actually dumped m... Read More »

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Do hydrogenated oils penetrate hair?

The absorption of oils into the hair shaft is dependent mainly on the porosity of the outer-most layer of the hair, known as the cuticle. Natural oils are often hydrogenated to create a solid textu... Read More »

How to Make a Pen Penetrate a Dollar Bill?

Do you want to start a magic show with a simple yet effective trick? With a few household items you can. If this sleight-of-hand, act of deception, sounds like something you want to do, read on.

Oils That Penetrate Kinky Hair?

Taking care of your kinky hair can prove a challenge, especially when it comes to counteracting any styling that involves heat. Keep your hair in top condition by using special oils that penetrate ... Read More »

Can modern stun guns penetrate clothes?

Modern day stun guns will penetrate most clothing. The high voltage level is only resisted by items such as thick leather jackets, rubber rain gear or bulletproof vests. Most materials act as condu... Read More »