What does pending classification mean?

Answer The phrase "pending classification" can refer to a variety of items waiting for assignment to a particular category or subject. A new drug may be pending classification while scientists decide on i... Read More »

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What does pending show mean?

Pending show is a real estate term used to indicate that a home is in escrow but that the buyers have not removed any sales contingencies and the sale is not final.References:Trulia: What Does Pend... Read More »

What does remittitur pending mean?

A jury can award damages to a plaintiff. A remittitur occurs when the judge reduces the amount of these damages because they are excessive or unreasonable. A remittitur pending is the situation whe... Read More »

What Does Contract Pending Mean in Real Estate?

In real estate, the term "contract pending" means that the seller has accepted an offer from a buyer but the deal between the seller and buyer hasn't yet closed. Typically a contract would be "pend... Read More »

What does pending debit card purchase mean?

A pending debit card purchase means that you used your debit card at a particular merchant's store or website, but the merchant has not collected the final amount for payment. The debit card issuer... Read More »