If a pedestrian is found at fault in an accident involving a car and pedestrian which insurance would pay the medical bills - the auto insurance or the pedestrian's health insurance?

Answer Since Pedestrians always have the Right of Way, It is very rare if not impossible to find them at fault unless fraud or gross negligence can be established. Traditionally The drivers liability insu... Read More »

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Does the Magellan 4000 have pedestrian mode?

The Magellan 4000 GPS does not offer any type of pedestrian mode. The Magellan Maestro 4350 is the first Magellan GPS to offer a pedestrian mode feature optimizes pedestrian routes and adjusts trav... Read More »

If a driver hits a pedestrian and does not have adequate car insurance but does have adequate homeowner's insurance will it cover the accident?

Answer No. They are two totally different types of insurance.

Nearly hit a pedestrian?

Stupid lady looking for easy way to get some cash. Ignore her, she's got nothing on you. You're a careful driver, nice.

Pedestrian lights?

Too many people are ignorant of the highway code - and that includes experienced motorists.