What does the pearl mean to Kino?

Answer hope

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What does the mark 925 on a pink pearl choker mean?

Marks on jewelry are found almost anywhere (on the metal), including on an earring post, the bail of a necklace, or the clasp of a pearl choker (as in this case) so they are often hard to see. 925... Read More »

In the Pearl what does the pearl represent to kino?

Lots of wealth and a better life for him, his wife, and especially his son.

In The Pearl by John Steinbeck what does the pearl do?

The pearl grows evil and creates problems for the family. It makes Kino hit Juana and it indirectly, of course, kills their son Coyotito. ____ The Pearl doesn't do anything. Because it is of grea... Read More »

What does the pearl symnolize in The Pearl?

In the beginning the Pearl symbolizes wealth and opportunity, but at the end of the novel it symbolizes death and depression.