What does pc2100 stand for?

Answer PC2100 is a type of DDR computer memory. It is for use in systems with a 133MHz front side bus. It can handle 2.1GB of data each second. PC2100 is used mainly in AMD Athlon, Pentium III and Pentium... Read More »

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What does PC2100 or PC2700 on my RAM card mean?

The six-character description on RAM refers to the clock speed, or the speed the RAM is capable of operating at. The greater the number the faster the speed---PC2100 corresponds to a speed of 133MH... Read More »

Does Aopen AX4B motherboard support 1GB RAM 266mhz PC2100?

Yes. An Aopen AX4B motherboard will support a 1GB Ram 266MHz PC2100 module. The motherboard has three memory slots and will support a maximum of 2GBs of RAM. Installation of RAM modules in pairs is... Read More »

What Is PC2100 DDR Memory?

PC2100 double data rate (DDR) memory is a type of random access memory (RAM) that functions at a frequency of 133 MHz or an effective frequency of 266 MHz, since it is effectively doubled as a DDR.

What is pc2100 memory?

Computer memory, often called RAM, or SDRAM, comes in various speeds and sizes. Different motherboard configurations can require different types of RAM. PC2100 is a 184-pin configuration with a spe... Read More »