What does pc2100 stand for?

Answer PC2100 is a type of DDR computer memory. It is for use in systems with a 133MHz front side bus. It can handle 2.1GB of data each second. PC2100 is used mainly in AMD Athlon, Pentium III and Pentium... Read More »

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What Is PC2100 DDR Memory?

PC2100 double data rate (DDR) memory is a type of random access memory (RAM) that functions at a frequency of 133 MHz or an effective frequency of 266 MHz, since it is effectively doubled as a DDR.

What is pc2100 memory?

Computer memory, often called RAM, or SDRAM, comes in various speeds and sizes. Different motherboard configurations can require different types of RAM. PC2100 is a 184-pin configuration with a spe... Read More »

How much RAM can you put in an AMD Athlon PC2100?

None. The AMD Athlon is a model of processor, not a computer itself. The RAM (otherwise known as Random Access Memory) and the processor are two completely different parts of the computer. RAM goes... Read More »

Will pc2100 ram work with pc3200 ram?

You can mix PC2100 and PC3200 RAM, according to RAM manufacturer Crucial. Doing this, however, adds little benefit as the computer simply runs RAM at PC2100 speeds, or the slowest module available.... Read More »