What does p.c. mean in a lawyer's title?

Answer P.C. stands for Professional Corporation, and its use is not limited to lawyers. Any service that requires a license to practice, for example doctors and accountants, can form a professional corpor... Read More »

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What does bcc mean on a title?

"BCC" located at the top title of an email is an abbreviation for "Blind Carbon Copy." The header lists additional recipients for a message to be sent. However, unlike "CC" or Carbon Copy, "BCC" en... Read More »

What does the title lord mean?

The title of lord could be given to someone with authority or high rank, or to someone with nobility. It could also be used address a bishop in the Church of England.References:Free Merriam-Webster... Read More »

For a Doctor's title -- what does DO mean?

DO's are doctors of osteopathic medicine. Their medical school training includes a variety of things more like chiropractic care (spinal manipulation) as well as all the basic anatomy, physiology,... Read More »

What does working title mean?

A working title is a name given to a piece of writing during its production. It will probably not be the final name of the piece, but it should give the writer a sense of what the piece will be abo... Read More »