What does payload weight mean?

Answer Gross payload weight is the total weight of a vehicle including the passengers and cargo, according to Ford Motor. Payload capacity is the amount of weight a vehicle can carry in addition to its pa... Read More »

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What does half-ton payload mean?

A half-ton payload traditionally means a truck with this designation had a payload capacity of 1,000 pounds. However, modern-day trucks with this designation can actually carry loads above 1,000 po... Read More »

How Much Air to Put in Tires With a Payload?

Car tires require proper inflation for safe driving, as well as maintaining a good fuel efficiency. Many drivers do not take into consideration the payload factor when filling their tires with air.

What does maximum payload mean?

Maximum payload is a term used in transportation and shipping. It refers to the greatest amount of cargo that can fit in a specific container. Maximum payload is determined by weight or by volume... Read More »

How to Calculate Aircraft Payload?

Aircraft are used for recreation, news and traffic reporting, fire fighting, construction, rescue operations, medical emergencies and military applications. Aircraft also are used to move people an... Read More »