What does partially at fault mean?

Answer just that... you are partially or a percentage at fault....any combination of are 10% other party 90% at fault meaning you would/could collect 90% of your damage from them and they 10% of... Read More »

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What does partially hydrogenated mean?

Partially hydrogenated describes monounsaturated and polyunsaturated oils with added hydrogen atoms. Double-bonded carbon molecules typically comprise unsaturated fats. Manufacturers include hydrog... Read More »

What does foot fault mean in tennis?

A foot fault is an infraction by a tennis player in the motion of serving. It can occur either when the feet touch the baseline, the imaginary center or sidelines, or when the player changes positi... Read More »

What kind of auto insurance covers you for anything that's NOT your fault but does not cover when it IS your fault?

Does no fault Insurance apply to medical claims only or is the collision damage 'no fault' also?

Answer No fault medical coverage means only that the coverage will pay for an insured's injuries no matter who was at fault for an accident. This is the only coverage in which this 'no fault' ter... Read More »