What does parboiled mean?

Answer Parboiled means partially boiling a food in water before it is cooked by another method. Parboiled or conditioned rice is rice that has been steam-pressured before it is milled, which results in a ... Read More »

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What does the term parboiled mean?

When an item of food is referred to as parboiled, it has been boiled (or poached) with the intention of re-cooking it at a later time using a different method. Parboiling is most commonly used when... Read More »

What does the word parboiled mean?

The term parboiled means that a piece of food has already been quickly boiled or dropped into water that was boiling. Parboiling is a preliminary cooking step called for in some recipes to prepare ... Read More »

How to Grill Parboiled Chicken?

Parboiling is a cooking method where food is partially cooked in boiling water and finished with another cooking method. It is usually done so all ingredients finish cooking at the same time. Parbo... Read More »

What does the cooking term parboiled mean?

Parboiling means to partly cook a food in boiling water, according to the website It is commonly used for vegetables such as potatoes or carrots, which require a longer cooking time ... Read More »

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