What does paramour mean in child visitation?

Answer Paramour means "lover". Presumably in the context of a child visitation agreement, it appears in some kind of injunction that your children should not be exposed to your Regular Saturday Night Thang.

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What visitation rights does a spouse have with their child after the other spouse has left with the child?

What can an illegal father do if paying child support and mother does not let him see him on visitation days?

Answer You have to keep paying child support. The visitation issue is separate and you should consider straightening out your legal status so that you can seek relief. If you were not married to th... Read More »

If one parent has full custody does that mean that the other parent gives up all rights and visitation to that child?

Answer No. Courts are very concerned that children have the opportunity to spend time with both parents. Unless there are mitigating circumstances, such as proven previous abuse. Even in this scen... Read More »

When does Child Visitation stop In Alabama?

After the child has reach the age of majority.