How is paprika grown?

Answer nto enough light and try checking the water you have to water them alot for it to grow properly not enough light can be a problem but if you are using 400 watts or above you should be getting enoug... Read More »

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What is hot Hungarian paprika?

Known for its pungent flavor, hot Hungarian paprika is a traditional spice that gives kick to any dish. It provides a stark contrast to the sweeter, milder versions of the spice.IdentificationPapri... Read More »

I have a recipe that needs paprika, I don't have any, what can I use instead?

If you think paprika is only for color, and has no taste, then you've been using it wrong. Paprika has a really good flavor. You really should try to get some... maybe borrow some from a neighbor... Read More »

What is sweet paprika?

Paprika is a spice derived from a variety of dried red pepper. It's particularly popular in Hungarian and Spanish cuisines. Paprika varies in its level of spicy heat; the mildest varieties are know... Read More »

What do i use smoked paprika on?

Smoked paprika is a spice popular in Spanish cooking made by smoking ground pimiento peppers. It is commonly available at gourmet grocery stores in sweet, medium and hot varieties.TraditionSpanish ... Read More »