What does the term"Chase the rabbit down the hole"mean?

Answer Chasing the rabbit down the hole means that a person is in for an adventure. The term is a reference from Lewis Carroll's book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." In the book, Alice, in her curiosi... Read More »

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What does"pound of paper"mean?

Paper weight is determined, not by the scale measurement of an individual sheet, but by weighing a 500-sheet package, or ream. This measurement can vary considerably based on the thickness of the s... Read More »

What does paper weight mean?

Paper weight is the total weight of 500 sheets of the same type of paper in a standard size. Standard sheet size and weight varies from country to country, and specialty finishes can cause paper we... Read More »

What does the B mean on U.S. paper money?

The letter B on United States paper money indicates that the bill was issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. There are 12 letters that can be on American bills--A through I--which represen... Read More »

What does ss in a college paper mean?

In academic writing, the abbreviation s. s. commonly means "sensu stricto," Latin for "in the strict sense." You use it when you need to indicate that you're using a term in its most specific sense... Read More »