What is the meaning of the name paloma?

Answer Paloma is a girl's name that has a variety of origins including Spanish, Latin and Hungarian. The most frequently referenced origin is Spanish, in which the word paloma means "dove."Spanish Origins... Read More »

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Do they speak Spanish in La Paloma?

Spanish-speakers live and work in La Paloma, Texas, according to the 2000 U.S. Census Fact Finder. Out of 451 people living in La Paloma, 259 of them were of Hispanic or Latino origin, according to... Read More »

Who starred in the Mexican movie"La Paloma"?

The original "La Paloma" movie was filmed in 1934. A number of actors and actresses were involved. The stars of the movie were Charles Kullman, Leo Slezak and Jessie Vihrog. The film went on to be ... Read More »

What city is the La Paloma Oceanfront Retreat in?

The La Paloma Oceanfront Retreat lies in the city of San Patricio, Jalisco, Mexico. The resort offers 12 studios for guests with oceanfront access, a pool and art studio. The art center offers clas... Read More »

What are your favorite Paloma Faith songs?

'My Legs Are Weak''Just Be' 'Play On' 'Picking Up The Pieces' 'When You're Gone' 'Agony' 'Romance Is Dead'

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