What does out of the frying pan&into the fire mean?

Answer The phrase, "Out of the frying pan and into the fire" describes an escape from harm or from a troubling situation (the frying pan), only to be thrust immediately into an equally troubling or worse ... Read More »

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What does Fire 57 mean?

"Fire 57" is a potential abbreviation of the National Fire Protection Association's liquefied natural gas vehicular systems code. The regulation was absorbed in 2005 into NFPA 52, the code that cov... Read More »

What does trial by fire mean?

The phrase "trial by fire" is a biblical image that has become one of the cultural expressions of the English language. It is used in a wide variety of circumstances including sports, law and profe... Read More »

What does"striker fire"mean?

The term striker fire refers to the way a gun fires. A striker fire, rather than a hammer trigger, functions by being cocked by the motion of the slide, and the only way it can be decocked is to sq... Read More »

What does fire extinguisher mean?

"Fire extinguisher" is the term we use to describe a device that delivers chemicals to put out fires. According to the United States Department of Energy, there are four classes of fire extinguishe... Read More »