What does out of memory at line 100 mean?

Answer Omg me too! I was just gonna ask about it! I have an HP. I don't think it has to do with your computer, though. I think it's just a glitch on Facebook or something.

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What does out of memory on line 31 mean?

it means it's trying to do some code thing (maybe on a website you're visiting?) but the memory on your computer gets full so can't do any more of whatever the line of code it says it was at is tel... Read More »

What does Out of memory at line: 79 mean?

Well I just got those messages too and I found a thread on Facebook that appears to say we're not alone. The problem seems to have appeared about 72 hours ago and many people are getting a few, dif... Read More »

What does 500 memory 8g mean?

The words are partial references to a computer's hard drive and Random Access Memory. Hard drives come in different sizes, including 500 GB. The 8G portion refers to the amount of RAM, which is pro... Read More »

What does the red line on the breaker box mean?

If you are talking about the breakers inside the box (switches) it means that particular circuit exceeded it's limit in amperage and "tripped" the circuit breaker. This most often occurs when you h... Read More »