What does organic fertilizer have that makes plants grow fast?

Answer Organic fertilizer contains three basic nutrients that contribute to the health and growth of plants. Nitrogen is essential for promoting growth in a plant's stems or leaves, while phosphorous and ... Read More »

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Will a wildflower grow faster in inorganic or organic fertilizer?

Wildflowers will grow faster in soil that has been moderately fertilized with an inorganic fertilizer. Using excessive amounts of inorganic fertilizer, however, will cause wildflowers to produce mo... Read More »

Why is organic fertilizer better than inorganic fertilizer or chemical fertilizer?

It's better because organic fertilizer contains no chemicals that could / may kill the plant faster than using inorganic that contains man-made things that WILL kill your plants faster Organic fer... Read More »

Will plants without fertilizer grow faster?

[1] Theoretically, they wouldn't. [2] But practically it depends upon soil health. Fertilizer applied to stressed or unhealthy soil mightn't be taken up by plant roots. In the case of the latter, f... Read More »

What fertilizer makes flowers grow better?

A well balanced fertilizer like 10-10-10 or 20-20-20 works great.