What does order type mean in online trading?

Answer An order type--whether placed online or through a broker-- is the way one enters or exits a position in a stock, bond or commodity market. It can range from simple, such as a market order, to rela... Read More »

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What does stop out mean in Forex trading?

The term stop out, also known as a "stop market order" or a "stop order," refers to an order that an investor places with a broker. A stop out order designates a specific price at which a security ... Read More »

What does volume mean in stock trading?

The volume is the numerical measure of the total number of stocks traded during a given period, typically one day. Daily stock volumes are most often listed in newspapers under the value "VOL."Sour... Read More »

What does bullish mean in stock trading?

The term "bullish" in the stock market is used to describe a favorable, confident and hopeful expectation that a particular stock, sector or the overall market will rise. If someone feels the oppos... Read More »

What type of stress tests does a cardiologist order?

Stress tests gauge how well your heart reacts to physical stress. Doctors use these tests to determine the existence of heart problems. Several different types of tests exist and they look to see h... Read More »