How to Connect to an Oracle 9 Server With the Oracle 10g Client?

Answer There are certain restrictions when connecting to an Oracle 9 Server from the Oracle 10g Client. For the Oracle 10.2.0 Client, it is not possible to connect to a 9.0.1, 9.2.01,, or ... Read More »

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What is Oracle SQL?

Oracle SQL is a dialect of the Structured Query Language otherwise known as PL/SQL. It is the primary language to manage, create and manipulate data in an Oracle database.Brief Definition of SQLStr... Read More »

How to Return More Than One Row From Oracle SQL?

Oracle uses a language called "PL/SQL" to retrieve data from a database table. You can return more than one row using the "select" statement. This statement lets you retrieve one or even millions o... Read More »

How do you scan using Oracle?

Oracle? Oracle's a company well known for their enterprise database systems. I have *no* idea whatsoever what you mean here, because you didn't give anywhere *near* enough detail for your question ... Read More »

How to Use SQL Variables in Oracle?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is used by database developers to retrieve, update and insert data into databases. PL/SQL, or Programming Language/SQL, augments SQL by providing featur... Read More »