What did it mean to those who opposed to slavery?

Answer Confederacy. (Confederates when referring to individuals)

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How much does a woman earn as opposed to a man for comparable work?

According to the PayScale Report as of May 2010, the median yearly salary for men in the United States is $67,259 compared to $48,902 for women. This makes women's salaries $18,357 or 27.29 percent... Read More »

Does it cost more to install carpet as opposed to tile flooring?

How does pan frying affect the flavour of my marinated steak as opposed to charcoal grilling?

I would broil it, it very close to char grilling in that it uses radiat heat for the cooking instead of conduction as a frying pan would.

Does anyone recommend those LCD televisons or the plasma ones, as opposed to the usual ordinary flat screen?

Yes we got one for a really good price from currys, it is much better quality and not too expencive, if you get chance why not have a look on the currys website? They might have some extra good dea... Read More »