What does open succession mean?

Answer Opening succession is when a person starts the action to get his entitled property when he is a legal beneficiary of a deceased person. Typically, individuals will file papers with the local court ... Read More »

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What does order of primary succession mean?

When an environment that has been devoid of life become animate, the phases in which living organisms introduce themselves into that environment and change it over time is called the order of prima... Read More »

What does the term"ethnic succession"mean?

Ethnic succession theory maintains that a particular ethnic group will only be the victim of segregation until it reaches a level of economic parity. As soon as that group becomes successful and ma... Read More »

What is the next succession after the Secretary of Homeland Security for the order of the presidential succession?

There is none; the Secretary of Homeland Security is last (18th) in the presidential line of succession. As of now, the Secretaries of Commerce and Labor are not natural-born citizens of the United... Read More »

What does open enrollment mean?

There are two types of open enrollment. The first type is when a student voluntarily enrolls in a public school other than the one he is assigned based on his place of residence. This means that th... Read More »