What does ono mean in Hawaiian?

Answer The word "ono" in Hawaiian refers to the species of mackerel called Acanthocybium solandri, also known as the wahoo. This word should not be confused with 'ono (note the glottal stop marker, called... Read More »

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What does hilo mean in Hawaiian?

Hilo in Hawaiian has a variety of meanings, including: the nouns braid and twist, the concept of a faint streak of light, the adjective threadlike, and the verb to braid (or twist). Also, it was th... Read More »

What does a Hawaiian dragon mask mean?

Dragons are a part of Hawaii's folklore, seen as mythical beasts and gods that had an impact on the creation of Earth. These mythical symbols were highly connected to nature. Hand carved tiki masks... Read More »

What does the Hawaiian word"bento"mean?

Bento is actually the Japanese word meaning a meal served in a box. Popular in Hawaii, and increasingly across the world, bento boxes traditionally contain any kind of Japanese food.Source:Just Ben... Read More »

What does the Hawaiian pink plumeria represent?

In the Hawaiian Islands, all colors of the Plumeria flower, including pink, symbolically represent "perfection" and the joining together of things that are good. It is often used to signify the sea... Read More »