What does one have to do to get a serious answer out of this joint?

Answer Its not the joint its your Contacts. You can't expect to run with people like Sweet Oly and expect decency and respect can you?Let me check my list of questions and see the last question you asked ... Read More »

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This is a serious question- plz answer seriously?

The only time I use LOL is when I do laugh out loud. I have some pretty funny friends on the net.

Alright... this is a serious question and i will award 10 points to the answer i deem best :)?

But what would yu do on this reality show?Once you determine a theme or thrust, that will decide to what production comapny to pitch it to

Do i have cancer i'm serious..please answer?

For Pete's sake! Don't ask us, see a doctor! We cannot possibly diagnose your problem online! You're going to get a bunch of people who will tell you not to worry when maybe you should and you s... Read More »

SERIOUS MUSIC LOVERS ANSWER (ten point best answer)?

I like a lot of alt rock which is usually upbeat.I also delve in other music.Imagine Dragons IncubusMuseChiodosBilly TalentBiffy ClyroParamoreSkrillexFun.Middle Class RutBand of SkullsThe Black Key... Read More »