What does oh stand for on Twitter?

Answer According to The Free Dictionary by Farlex, "OH" stands for "overheard" on Twitter. This means the person who typed it on Twitter heard a speaker say something without the speaker realizing someone... Read More »

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What Does RT Stand for in Twitter?

On the social networking site Twitter, "RT" is an acronym that stands for "retweet." Retweeting is the practice of re-posting a particularly noteworthy or witty update that another Twitter user pre... Read More »

What Famous People on twitter RT or tweet your back on twitter . And how do you get Alot of tweets?

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I have changed my password for twitter from PC. But am unable to log in to twitter through safari of Ipad2 .?

OK, try this...1. Log out of twitter on your iPad, both on Safari and the iPad twitter app.2. Change the password on your PC3. Log out of twitter on your PC4. Reboot your PC5. Log in to twitter on ... Read More »

How to Make Money from Twitter Is it possible to earn from twitter without any investment?

Don't hear what other people said in their answers. Those who are saying you can't earn on twitter have never earned money and are losers. Don't listen to them. Twitter is the most powerful site an... Read More »