What does a short sale mean when selling a house?

Answer A short sale occurs when the outstanding balance on a home loan is greater than the proceeds from the sale of the house. If a lender approves a short sale, it means the lender agrees to receive les... Read More »

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What does it mean when cars honk at you?

No, it probably means you are showing too much skin and making drivers look at you. You would obviously be a traffic hazard!

How does a couple that has one car each insure their cars and can they still drive each other's cars during visits when they live in separate states?

Answer Just get insured with one of the bigger companies, like Allstate, Farmers, Progressive, Geico. As long as you are both listed, what car you drive and where should not matter. Your rate may ... Read More »

What does it mean when your ipad2 comes with wifi and does that mean you can use it out of the country even without wifi spots?

When attire is described as 'black tie' what does that mean that women should be wearing?

When I go to a "black tie" event, I simply wear a black tie and only a black tie. Nothing more. But after reading the other answers on here, I now realize why they never let me stay very long. I al... Read More »