What is a Collateralized Mortgage Obligation?

Answer Collateralized mortgage obligations (CMO) are securitized investment products based on the mortgage market. This type of investment offers distinct opportunities while presenting serious risks and ... Read More »

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What is a collateralized loan obligation?

A loan backed by collateral or security is less risky than an unsecured loan. In the banking industry, a collateralized loan obligation is a loan that is backed by assets in a financial institutio... Read More »

What Is an asset retirement obligation?

An asset retirement obligation is a term used in accounting. It describes a complex set of procedures for accounting for the costs of tangible long-lived assets and costs associated with retiring ... Read More »

Do doctors have a legal or moral obligation?

Yes, a doctor has a legal obligation to convey results like that. See an attorney about this serious matter.

Types of General Obligation Debt?

There are three main types of general obligation debt: bonds, commitments, and equity. Each is issued for a specific purpose and each provides a different level of risk reduction to lenders and inv... Read More »