Why was the u.s. obligated to help less developed nations?

Answer The United States does not produce enough fruit to sustain its population. It must trade with other countries to get fruit (mostly China and Mexico). Another reason is that it is usually cheaper to... Read More »

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Am I Obligated To Give Out My Recipe?

NO NO NO, You don't have to give your recipe. Especially your pumpkin pie recipe. Recipes are meant to be kept secret to a chef. Besides, a pie is more than just a recipe, it is equal parts love... Read More »

Who is obligated to probate a will in Texas?

Texas law requires that if a decedent has executed a will and named an executor, the executor must probate the will and administer the decedent's estate. In the event that there is no named execut... Read More »

Is an attorney obligated to take your defense case?

According to the American Bar Association (ABA), Model Code of Professional Responsibility, EC-26 through EC-29, an attorney may not refuse to represent a client solely on the basis of the unpopula... Read More »

Is my landlord obligated to supply appliances?

A landlord does not need to supply any rental property with appliances. However, if you have a signed lease that states that the rental comes with appliances and states which appliances the propert... Read More »